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Who Will Be Coaching You and Your Teen?

Hi! My name is Rahz Slaughter and I was born with a 3.5 inch difference between my right and left legs. I have a dysfunctional hamstring and quadricep muscle on my right leg which causes me to limp when I walk.  I was labelled educationally handicapped in the first grade. My mother was addicted to drugs and alcohol, and my father disappeared before I was born.

Many people would say I had a rough start to my life, I would say it created the man who will coach and train your teens over the next 5 days.
I learned at an early age how to turn obstacles into opportunities for growth and success. I battled through high school and 2 years of college before I decided to start my career as a personal trainer and performance coach. I have opened 5 personal training studios and have coached clients for over 30 thousand hours in my career. Throughout my entrepreneurial career I’ve quietly been the secret weapon to executives, athletes, and everyday people who wanted to change their thinking, behaviors, and ability to create quick positive shifts in their lives.
Today, when I'm not spending time with my wife and son, I spend the bulk of my time speaking at school and conferences and helping parents transform their teenagers from low energy and motivated to fired up and inspired. Over my 20+ years doing this type of work I've built up quite the mental transformation toolbox, and during this 5-Day Free Confidence Challenge I'll share some of my best ones with you and your son or daughter.

What You'll Learn During This FREE 5-Day Teen Confidence Challenge!
For 5 days I’m going to share with you my proven techniques and strategies for boosting confidence, eliminating negative thinking, and controlling how you feel so that you can get and stay motivated to crush everyday with confidence.
Day 1
Discovery - “Vision” Who am I? What do I really want?
Day 2
Breakthrough - Turning Fear It Into  Power
Day 3
 Momentum - Creating Confidence On Demand
Day 4
Transformation - Clear Past & Create The Future
Day 5
 Flight To Boom!!! - Unleash Your New Confident Mindset
Step Up To The Challenge!
Instant Confidence, Motivation, and Emotional Control Is Awaiting Your Teen On The Inside!
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